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<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East () In the overview of the MENA world Every day in the Middle East, are occurring disaster of the bloodshed. Now, the region that has rocked the world situation than the Middle East is not. The Middle East there are several important countries in, but when the player (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Israel) there exists a particular attention. Recently, conspicuous conflict of Saudi and Iran. Saudi and Iran of the feud, but there are also elements of the Sunni vs. Shiite, just because to define that it is sectarian conflict is not necessarily true. That Arab versus Persian, see the composition to contest the hegemony of the region. () Middle East policy of playing cards US administration The United States of Obama era has been gradually reducing the commitment to the Middle East. Umpire is in the Middle East, which became the absence had become as regional player moves in the speculation of each. Under such circumstances conflicts Saudi Iran is was obvious. However, after the Trump political transition, again the United States there is a sign of coming back to the region.

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