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<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East . Ripples of Jerusalem "the capital certified" by Trump US President Trump President of the United States, admitted month, the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and expressed with the current transfer the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This means that the Middle East is, of course, had a major impact on the world. In particular, in the Palestine positioning the Jerusalem and [the capital of a future independent state], every day, are occurring violent protests. The so-called [Oslo] of the year, that is, [Palestinian agreement] or later, but Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiations in the mediation of the United States of the former president have been made, Trump President, abandoned themselves [fair mediator] it was form. The future of peace are very worried. Jerusalem, Judaism, Christianity, is a common Holy Land that One of the religion Islam, also for the Palestinians also for the Jews, it can be said that the center of ethnic identity.

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