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Kono Defense Minister, seek understanding to dispatch MSDF in the ...

<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East Kono Defense Minister during a visit to Bahrain in the Middle East, spoke at an international conference that ministers of the Middle East countries gather, the government has described the dispatch of the Middle East waters of the Maritime Self-Defense Force you are considering. For the first time attended the Kono Minister of International Conference on security that are open in Bahrain in the Manama dialogue as the defense minister of Japan, in terms of showing the concern that [the situation in the Middle East has increased the seriousness of the time], the following It was stated. [Japan decided to consider the use of the Self-Defense Forces as its own efforts] (Taro Kono Defense Minister) From the venue [quit the diplomatic efforts, the Middle East of whether to send troops to the region], but questions such as came out, Kono Minister has been constrained in the activities of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan's Constitution, this time of dispatch last information we responded that collection activities it]. In addition, diplomatic negotiations of detente between Iran also said has continued, and asked for understanding to dispatch.

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