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UN General Assembly attendance and the Japan-US summit meeting | ...

<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East Shinzo Abe Prime Minister, from 0 date until the day, visited New York in consecutive years for the first session of the UN General Assembly attended. Prime Minister Abe, in the general debate speech, G0, TICAD, Kyoto Congress (the first session of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice conference), such as the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games, this year, referring to the international event next year and our country is organized, education Japan's contribution of women field, we mentioned about the importance of addressing the disparity using the regional situation, the multi-framework, including the North Korea situation in the Middle East. The month and day, Abe Prime Minister, gave a Donald Trump President of the United States and Japan-US summit meeting. The two leaders, including the visit to Japan of playing cards the President and his wife as [Ryowa] 's first state guest of this years, through the holding of already times first to become the Japan-US summit meeting earlier this year, the US alliance in history ever stronger day It reaffirmed its recognition of that there, we agreed to continue to strengthen in the future the unwavering Japan-US alliance.

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