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Understanding request Kono Defense Minister to dispatch MSDF in the ...

<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East Taro Kono defense phase is the day, in the visit to the Middle East Bahrain, Khalifa Armed Forces Commander and met separately with Mifurafi presidential adviser of Yemen, described the investigation circumstances surrounding its own dispatch to the Middle East of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, was asked for understanding . According to Kono, Mr. showed a favorable reaction. Bahrain participated in the coalition of the willing of the US-led for the purpose of ensuring safety, such as Iran off the coast of the Strait of Hormuz. There is a US Navy the first Fleet Command and the British naval base, there is also a sea own port of call performance. After Kono is meeting the end, when the MSDF dispatch, asked the possibility to take advantage of the port of Bahrain told reporters [but not yet decided on the concrete, so far also of counter-piracy activities ship is port of call ] and it has been described.

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